Duration of Notes and Rests, Dotted Notes, Ties and Beamed Notes

Duration is how long a note or rest is to be played. Notes and rests have fractional durations.

A Half-note is half as long as a Whole-note, a Quarter-note is a quarter as long as a Whole-note and half as long as a Half-note, and so forth. Each duration will have its own symbol.

Note Durations:

Rests work the same way, just with different symbols.
Rest Durations:

Dotted Notes:

A Dot after a note indicates an elongation of the note by one-half. For example, if a Half-note has a Dot this tells us that the duration is: Half-note + Quarter-note.

Beamed notes:

Eighth, Sixteenth, Thirty-second, Sixty-fourth, and One Hundred Twenty-Eighth-notes will usually be beamed together when they are in groups.

Tied Notes:

Ties connect the durations of different notes together. In the following example a Whole-note is tied to a Quarter-note. The duration then becomes: Whole-note + Quarter-note. (Another way to think of it is: the length of four Quarter-notes + one Quarter-note).